Slings is a fascia-focussed body-minded movement method. This mat-based training can be enhanced and adapted with massage balls or other small supportive props.

The method is based on the latest findings in research supporting the body-wide interconnectedness of muscles and fascia. We can identify lines or “slings” that connect us from head to toes and extremities to trunk. Through this research we also have clearer information supporting how we can train more deliberately and holistically to include the fascia of the body.

Strengthening, mobilizing, stabilizing, enhancing movement efficiency and the structural balance of your body are in focus. The movements are intentionally executed in a slow, rhythmical or dynamic manner in different dimensions. Besides exercises developed especially for Slings, the training consists of adapted exercises from Yoga, Pilates and other therapeutic approaches to the body in movement.

The sense of well-being and freedom after the class is priceless!

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